1. Will it fit?

The first question we always get is - Will Lovely fit on my penis? The answer is YES, it will fit. Lovely is very stretchy and was designed in a manner to sit tight on the base of your penis.
The minimum circumference for a comfortable grip is 11.5 cms (4.5 inches) measured at the base of your penis. The maximum depends on personal preference, as Lovely stretches a lot (enough to fit on an orange). But bigger the girth of the penis, the stronger the grip would be.

2. Is it comfortable? Does it get in the way?

Once you put Lovely in place it becomes a natural extension of your bodies - one that provides additional stimulation and enhanced erection. It sits tight on the penis and provides the vulva with a vibrating, silky smooth and soft area to stimulate with - this is how wearing Lovely feels like and trust us - you'll be thinking about different things once you wear it ;)

3. How does the Lovely help us exploring and enhancing our sexual wellbeing?

After having sex wearing Lovely your partner and you can go to the Lovely app and choose from different suggestions and ideas that the app generated exclusively for you based your feedback and data from Lovely. It lets you discover and try more of new stuff and find things that you both enjoy!

4. How long does Lovely last on a single charge? How does the charging work?

Lovely lasts up to 3 hours on a single charge. To charge it you simply put it on a docking station connected with USB cable (included) to a power adapter (not included), power bank or a laptop. You can also put it on any Qi charger that you already own, as Lovely is compatible with Qi standard.

5. Is there an iOS and Android app? Is it free?

Yes - we have a free app for both iOS and Android. You can get them here: iOS app
Android app

6. Is the app for both partners?

Yes - both you and your partner can download the app and connect it with your Lovely. The first partner who connects it gets all the functionalities of the app, while the second partner gets the basic features. We are working on enabling the same amount of features for both partners, but it needs a lot of work in terms of security and data management, so we don’t want to rush it. At the moment it’s best if you both use the app on the first partner’s phone together.

7. Can you use Lovely for different sexual orientations?

Yes, we are working on supporting gay couples by creating custom illustrations, positions, and tips. The work is 50% done and we are working hard on finishing it as soon as possible - drop us an email at hello@ourlovely.com if you want to find out more.

8. How does the Lovely help in enhancing erection?

An erection happens when additional blood flows into erectile tissue. After some time this blood starts to flow out. When you wear Lovely it lets the blood inside, but slows down the blood getting outside, thus making the erection firmer and longer lasting.

9. How does the Lovely help in stimulating clitoris?

Lovely is designed to touch the clitoris in certain positions. When it does, you can feel the soft vibration on your clitoris that has been tuned to a frequency that most women find very stimulating. It means you don’t have to use your hands to stimulate yourself and instead can focus on feeling more.