Will it fit?

Is it comfortable? Does it get in the way?

What is the Lovely made of?

How do I turn Lovely on? And turn off?

What kind of packaging does the Lovely come in?

Is Lovely under warranty?

Can I return the Lovely if I don’t like it?

How do I clean Lovely?

How quiet is the Lovely?

How does the Lovely help us exploring and enhancing our sexual wellbeing?

Is our data stored securely and kept confidential?

How do I charge my Lovely?

How long will the battery in my Lovely last with one full charge?

Is the information I enter at the checkout kept confidential?

When will I get my Lovely?

Can you use Lovely for different sexual orientations?

How does the Lovely help in enhancing erection?

How does the Lovely help in stimulating clitoris?

What are the dimensions of Lovely?

Is the Lovely app compatible with all phones?

Is the app for both partners?

Why does the Your Lovely Android App require permission to access Camera, Location, Storage, Telephone?

Why does the Your Lovely app require body traits such as age, height, and weight?

Do you ship internationally?

What is the total cost including tax for buying Lovely and shipping it to countries like Canada, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, etc. where there are also custom charges?

Where is the Lovely made/sold from?

How long will it take to fully charge?

Is it waterproof? Can I use it in the bathroom and/or shower?

Can I use Lovely with a condom on?

What kind of payments do you accept?

I am having trouble purchasing Lovely. What do I do?

Can I buy Lovely in offline stores?