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Our resident relationship expert Antonina D narrates a conversation with a friend of hers where she gives a quick run-through of using sex toys during pregnancy.

If you're still curious about how/where to the right notes leading to the much-famed G-Spot, keep this infographic handy.

Ghosting is when someone cuts out all contact or relationship without having to deal with the 'break-up' conversation. Though it can have a serious impact, find out how you can heal the distress in no time.

The Clitoris is a small, sensitive, erectile part of the female genitals at the anterior end of the vulva. This infographic should you help you navigate the organ better.

Which one is better? Which should you indulge in more? Does planning sex even make sense? You got the questions and we have the answers. Continue reading to find out who emerges as winner between planned and spontaneous sex.