Signs You're Dating An Emotionally Intelligent Person

Signs You're Dating An Emotionally Intelligent Person


To put it simply, emotional intelligence is a skill.

And that too an acquired one!

You're an emotionally intelligent person if you can deal with other people and your emotions in a way that works well for both you and them.

Simple to say, not easy to achieve in practice!

Emotional Intelligence is getting popular as something that's different from IQ that we know.

When we talk about 'normal' intelligence, the material we work on is 'concepts', when it comes to emotional intelligence - 'emotions' are the matter.

Signs of emotional intelligence are often behaviors, we find attractive.

If someone is emotionally intelligent, it's connected with how the person can react, name and manage their emotions and reactions in a given situation.

Below we briefly describe some signs to look for that signals the fact that you're dating an emotionally intelligent person.

Instead of reacting, they try to answer

Reactions vs. answers - it's a useful distinction.

A crucial component of emotional intelligence is when someone can pause and think before they say or do something.

Listen, and answer instead of reacting impulsively.

An emotionally intelligent person when faces an opinion, contrary to their own, they first listen, try to understand and then answer. Even emotional reactions are also followed by consciously made decisions.

They show empathy

When your significant other shows empathy, can name and share their negative emotions, without too much unnecessary drama and also helps you to express yourself, while actively listening you can be assured that they're emotionally intelligent.

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They understand the power of emotions

A good sign of an emotionally intelligent person is also when they're aware of their emotional difficulties.

They know that you can't escape some states and feelings, and it's ok to feel sad, angry or disappointed at times. So they won't just tell you to 'think positive' if you're dealing with serious pain.

Emotionally intelligent people know the power of emotions and don't try to trivialize them.

They are often fun and easy to be around.

Emotionally intelligent people can benefit from feedback although they know their boundaries well and stay assertive.

They don't take every comment personally.

And they don't blame others if they're hurt by accident.

Often, they can laugh at themselves.

You can be confident of the fact that they'll tell you when something is wrong and you can be yourself, without the risk of them overreacting. This is why you can feel safe and comfortable in their company.

Emotional intelligence is not an easy skill to master and it's not easy to find people who can deal with emotions swiftly.

But, it's definitely helpful to seek and appreciate in your potential partner, the signs of emotional intelligence.

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