Wait! Can I Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?

Wait! Can I Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?


"Antonina! Please help me!", my 7-months pregnant friend yelled at me on the phone.  

I panicked, "It's time?" - but, wait? Why is she calling me and not her husband?

Of course, this time around, the topic was completely different. And fortunately, I was able to help her.

"We are together for four years now and we have had sex almost every day. He's my beloved sex-tiger! And now when my belly is getting bigger, he's behaving more like a pussycat." I could hear her anger and frustration on the phone.

"Pregnancy is making me super-horny...", she exasperated.

“Yeah, it's possible”, I said. “It's because of the hormones and increased blood flow in your genitals along with better lubrication and a very sensitive clitoris. Many women experience wild sex drives during pregnancy.

To comprehend the conversation better, let's call my friend Sasha.

Sasha - Right, I remember you telling me about this before. But suddenly Rob doesn't want to have sex anymore. He told me that he was afraid.


Can you believe it? He thinks that he will end up wrecking the baby's neck or something.

Antonina - Did you tell him that as long as the pregnancy is safe and you don't have the risk of a premature labor, it's safe to have sex? It's impossible to even disturb the baby! The penis won't reach it because the intercourse takes place in the vagina.

The gap between your womb and vagina is protected in many ways - the cervical mucus plug (it prevents infections), pelvic muscles, and don't even get me started with the amniotic sac.

Sasha - Yes! But I also get the feeling that his sex drive is lower.

He just wants to cuddle all the time, he put on weight too. What on earth is happening to my man?

Antonina - Aww, that's cute! It's normal that guys often get 'pregnant' too. His body is preparing him for the role of a father and that might be the case of his decline in testosterone. It's not necessarily a bad sign. I'm sure he will be back in the game after you deliver.

And if not, he might just need some help to see you as his lover again. He just switched to a 'daddy mode' and possibly can't look at you as an object of sex. Especially, that the two of you were into rough sex and BDSM, as far as I can remember. It would be quite cruel to blame him for that. It might be a good sign. The research shows that fathers who...

Sasha - I don't care, I'm horny!!! Can you do something about it? Fix him, maybe?

Antonina - Well, do you have any sex toys?

Sasha - Nope. Only BDSM accessories.

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Antonina - Alright, then you should get hold of a toy. Because of the increased blood flow, you might experience the most intense orgasms ever. During the middle and late pregnancy, the genital regions are engorged with blood and this is why all kinds of sensation are at their peak.

Sasha - But is it safe for the baby while I use a sex toy?

Antonina - It's absolutely safe unless you run the risks of premature labor or other conditions. And I am guessing, by now you should already know about your situation. Consult with your doctor once again. If she gives you a green light to have sex, it shouldn't be a problem with masturbation! A vibrator is just a mechanical penis, right?

So, I would advise you to buy a good quality vibrating toy and a proper toy cleaner; it's important to look after hygiene too. And don't worry - orgasm and vibrations are too weak to influence the baby in any manner. As I told you earlier, your child is properly protected. Want to know about more benefits? The more relaxed the mother, the better it is for the baby! This especially works when the child is inside your body.

Do one thing, get Robert to call me tonight after work. I will explain to him how the protection of the baby works in a womb. And that it's 'IMPOSSIBLE' to 'wreck your child's neck' with his penis. Even if the two of you decided to indulge in rough sex. He just needs to understand the mechanisms to feel confident about penetrating you.

And what about you? Just enjoy it. At times, I feel like I should get pregnant again ONLY to experience powerful orgasms. And this time, I would surely use all sex toys that would catch my attention.

Don't give it a miss my lovely pregnant girl!

P.S. - Even though it's safe to use sex toys during pregnancy, it's best to get your doctor/gynecologist's opinion before using any toy.



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