Lovely Affiliate Program

Let the world know about LOVELY and earn money at the same time!


At Lovely Inc., we have a simple mission - To help all people enjoy great sex. We want to achieve it with cutting-edge technology and latest sexual health knowledge that doesn’t interfere with the lives but in a way amplifies it.

Lovely thrives on the values of being Dedicated, Resourceful and Open-minded. Our product is built with the best-in-class materials and superior quality. We believe in providing value that aids people with greater sexual satisfaction.


And now, we want to take Lovely even further with your help. Introducing the Lovely Affiliate Program. Our affiliates will help us in expanding the Lovely brand awareness, bring new customers and increase online sales. We’ll work closely with all our affiliates in order to maximize success. 

And yes, it’s true. We offer one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in our industry.

For every sale that you make, we reward it with 30% commission. We take great pleasure in supporting every blogger, publisher or affiliate. There are also other free rewards waiting in store such as free gifts and requests for customer feedback.

If you offer an authentic voice, online influence and want to be a part of a brand that truly believes in offering pleasure and value, then we would like to hear from you.

We work with the Refersion affiliate program. You can sign up using the form above and get started today.