Our Story

At Lovely, we have a simple mission - To help all people enjoy great sex. We want to achieve it with cutting-edge technology and latest sexual health knowledge that doesn’t interfere with the lives but in a way amplifies it.

People from all around the world irrespective of their sexual orientation, relationship status, or ethnicity enjoy sex: we want to make it even better for them.

We want to provide a simple solution for everyone to know how to have great sex because it’s an acquired skill. Just like you need to learn how to ride a bike, or drive a car, or to ski jump (why not?), you need to know how to have great sex. In most occasions when you want to learn something, you have access to resources from other people, organizations or even governments. But when it comes to sex, even your parents often neglect the topic because they’re ashamed or not sure on how to approach the topic not to mention the stigmas, taboos, and stereotypes that are usually attached to sex and human sexuality. Hence, we want to use technology and knowledge to better sex lives.

Lovely is supported by top sexologists and sex educators around the globe who firmly believe that our tips that are personalized to each couple based on their desires and needs can improve people’s sex lives.

We are a young organization with a simple mission and every day we come to work with one goal in mind - to help people have great sex. And as Allure Magazine puts it - Having Lovely is like having a sex therapist in bed with you.